Our Story... Why and How Polar Gold was Created

Our Story... Why and How Polar Gold was Created

We all have experience with pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and all the other myriad of symptoms of modern dysfunction - in our own lives or with loved ones. It has become that much worse with the opioid crisis, as even people with legitimate prescriptions for legal drugs become hopelessly addicted to a chemical band-aid. We started looking for better alternatives.

Cannabis clearly holds a lot of hope, but we are not all so privileged to live in states that prioritize accessible, safe cannabis-based products. And the psychoactive nature of the THC active ingredient is not appropriate for many settings, regardless of legality or efficacy. We learned about CBD strains that could offer better relief for many medical cannabis patients and quickly found it to be a great non-intoxicating alternative to the THC we had been using.

Fast-forward to 2018 and the US Farm Bill made hemp federally legal, ushering in a full-fledged green rush of hemp CBD brands and products into the US market. We were so excited for America to finally experience what we had from CBD, and to finally see some downward price pressure - CBD products in the cannabis dispensaries was/is prohibitively expensive. At the beginning of 2020, Hemp CBD seemed poised to sweep retail and make a big splash in the mainstream market. Of course, the pandemic disrupted everyone’s plans.

The CBD shops that sprang up so quickly disappeared just as fast without foot traffic. Nevertheless, CBD was making strides into the mainstream with brands like cbdMD spending their way into our awareness. And yet, the word of mouth on the mainstream CBD products was not buzzing. If anything, people seemed skeptical. How can this be? We discovered the problem wasn’t that hemp CBD.

The flow of money into the unregulated CBD space invited too many bad players. Prices remained high. Quality was inconsistent and usually low. And the industry that pushed so hard on the “medical” benefits of CBD did nothing to stop the parade of counterfeit items from flooding the shelves. So we set out on a journey to change that, to set a new standard of quality and affordability.

We built a team around the promise of making a difference in people’s lives with hemp CBD. From growing the hemp to extracting the flower to manufacturing the product, we combined our skills and expertise to deliver the best quality CBD products that actually get results without breaking the bank.

It starts with fresh hemp, harvested at the peak of the season for the best quality flowers. Others mechanically chop and bail their hemp, or hang dry it like tobacco, then extract CBD from a dead plant. This method might be suitable for making a smokable product, but doesn’t make sense for a health product. Would you eat food processed this way?

We flash freeze our hemp directly on the farm and extract at cryogenic temperatures. The result is a fresh, nutrient rich extract that smells and tastes identical to the flower. What’s even better? The CBD in our products is actually CBDa, which studies have shown can be up to 100 times more effective than CBD. It’s no wonder we started hearing the same feedback: “I’ve tried CBD before but this stuff actually works!”

While quality is important, part of making an actual difference in people’s lives with CBD means making the products affordable. We strive to match or beat competitor pricing with products of noticeably higher quality and effectiveness. Look at their lab results vs ours. Where’s the CBDa?

We developed these products with the love and health of our friends and family in mind. And now, we want to extend this invitation to you to join our extended Polar Gold Family. Our promise is to always strive to create the highest quality products, while keeping prices affordable for the many people that need the support.

A big reason we can keep costs down is not spending a lot of money on advertising and sponsoring athletes, etc… So if you love our products and they work for you, we greatly appreciate you telling everyone you know that can benefit as well.

Thank you for your support of our mission to make a difference, and spreading the word and love of what Polar Gold has to offer. 



Polar Gold Founders


 Aki, Devin, and Sean

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