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Better Day CryoCBD Sublingual Drops | 1500 - 3000mg CBDa

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Who It’s For

  • Those looking for high potency CBD with high terpene content to tackle serious conditions
  • Those interested in full body effects but with a faster onset
  • Those needing a better tasting alternative to their current high potency CBD drops

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops kickstarted the CBD craze and remains one of the top sellers in the market for a simple reason -  it works remarkably well on a surprising number of people. Why is that? Hemp contains hundreds of different cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes, which can work on their own or together. From this botanical buffet, our bodies are able to pluck out what they need to supplement deficiencies and achieve the overarching goal of active balance or homeostasis.

While developing our Better Day CryoCBD Sublingual Drops, we had two goals: make an oil to help those in greatest need, and make sure it tastes good.

We start with Full Spectrum CryoCBD and blend it with the most easily absorbed edible oil, MCT oil, to bypass digestion steps for your body. Then we combine this high-absorbency infusion with a thoughtful array of natural flavors and essential oils to complement and balance the CryoCBD. Finally, we add a touch of Stevia extract to tame the natural bite of cannabinoid and terpene rich oil. The result is an effective daily CBD oil you actually look forward to taking.

Available in 1 oz (30mL) and 2oz (60mL)

The Details

Each bottle contains 30(1oz)-60(2oz) doses (1/2 dropperful), each dose contains 50mg of CBD
Live Spectrum of Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids, including CBDa, CBGa, and THCa

 What to Expect Suggested Routine
In most cases, there are two stages to the experience. The first stage is from sublingual absorption, which many users describe as feeling like a gentle loosening. Typically, this occurs around 10 minutes after taking the drops. The second stage is from digestive absorption, which often feels like dialing down the noise and chaos of the nervous system – then the usual traffic jam of nerves can start to flow at a more manageable pace. As digestion takes time, the second stage will typically occur 1.5-2 hours after taking the drops. Make sure you’re hydrated, then take one dose with breakfast. If you’re about to exercise, two doses. Repeat dosage at lunch. The idea is to take Better Day Drops before you really need them to help manage and recover from life’s stressful moments.


To maximize impact of CBD, we recommend taking an inside and out approach. This means delivering CBD both internally, through consumables, and externally, through topicals. Pairing Better Day Drops with Daily Moisturizer is the perfect way to fully immerse your mind and body in the healing potential of CBD.

Top Competitors

      At Polar Gold Extracts, we center every decision around elevating the promise of Hemp. We believe benign stewardship of land and water provides the necessary foundation for the Hemp plant to produce the amazing diversity of bio-active compounds that have helped people all over the planet for countless generations. Utmost care is taken to preserve the delicate profile through advanced cryogenic extraction and a strict adherence to small batch sizes. Our goal is to simply share the possibility of Hemp with the world, and allow everyone a chance to celebrate Nature’s most powerful flower in its most vibrant form.

      All products are federally legal and contain less than 0.3% THC.