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CryoCBD Daily Moisturizer | 2000mg CBDa

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Who It’s For

  • Those looking for a daily CBD maintenance topical
  • Those interested in improving their training with a full body, high potency CBD topical
  • Those needing a more effective CBD topical to mix with their sunscreen

Full Spectrum CBD Skincare products are finally getting the recognition they deserve, after the initial disappointment of CBD isolate-based products. Inflammation, fine lines, scarring – the body of research is growing in support of CBD and its potential to visibly improve skin health.

But did you know that CBD actually binds weakly to your body’s cannabinoid receptors? In order to really benefit from CBD, you need to do two things:

1) deliver a high dose of CBD close to the receptors and

2) consistently apply it to the same area over a period of days.

CBD is not a cure, but it can be a reliable tool in your support kit – similar to how a toothbrush does not cure cavities, but it can certainly help prevent and mitigate them.

What’s special about our Daily Moisturizer? Silky smooth, nutrient-rich CBD enveloped in a nest of soothing plant luxury.

We start with Full Spectrum CryoCBD and blend it with pure shea butter and rice bran oil, both renowned for their nourishing effects on skin. Then we add organic conditioners and emulsifiers with a soothing aloe and lavender base, for silky soft texture and epidermal protection. We would have stopped there, but the pungent terpenes of the CryoCBD were too “hemp-y”. A tiny fraction of natural fragrance is added to mask this hemp aroma.

 What to Expect Suggested Routine
When used occasionally, Daily Moisturizer typically takes around 30 minutes to hit its stride and delivery anti-inflammatory relief. When used consistently, it can not only improve skin condition, but also support muscle recovery, tissue repair, and scar healing. Apply Daily Moisturizer for one month every day to a stubbornly uncomfortable section of the body, such as the shoulder. Ensure the entire area, from neck to arm, gets full coverage. The goal is to help prevent that area of your body from falling back into discomfort, which happens when neighboring areas stop playing support.


To maximize impact of CBD, we recommend taking an inside and out approach. This means delivering CBD both internally, through consumables, and externally, through topicals. Pairing Better Day Sublingual Drops with Daily Moisturizer is the perfect way to fully immerse your mind and body in the healing potential of CBD.

Top Competitors (Almost 10x active CBD than other brands)

    At Polar Gold Extracts, we center every decision around elevating the promise of Hemp. We believe benign stewardship of land and water provides the necessary foundation for the Hemp plant to produce the amazing diversity of bio-active compounds that have helped people all over the planet for countless generations. Utmost care is taken to preserve the delicate profile through advanced cryogenic extraction and a strict adherence to small batch sizes. Our goal is to simply share the possibility of Hemp with the world, and allow everyone a chance to celebrate Nature’s most powerful flower in its most vibrant form.

    All products are federally legal and contain less than 0.3% THC.