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CryoCBD Instant Relief Cream | 1000mg CBDa

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Who It’s For

  • Those looking for CBD alternatives to their current medicated topicals
  • Those interested in targeted, plant-based relief for serious inflammation
  • Those needing a stronger solution for chronic conditions but cannot ingest CBD

Full Spectrum CBD Topicals have long been a staple in the industry for one simple reason: you can’t get high off them. But are they effective? That depends on how well the CBD is actually getting to where you need it. As the outer layer of our skin is “dead” tissue, topicals need a lot of help piercing through the dead layers to reach the living tissue. Achieving this penetration is not easy, and the ingredients industry uses to do it can easily lead to an allergic reaction.

So how do you balance delivering active ingredients AND protecting the skin? By working with Nature to develop formulations our bodies can recognize and use. Hemp contains hundreds of different cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes, which act on our endo-cannabinoid system to temper everything from appetite to sleep to pain and more through nerve signals.  

We kept our focus simple in developing Instant Relief Cream - demonstrating the power of Hemp on inflammation.

We start with Full Spectrum CryoCBD and blend it with Peppermint, Spearmint, and Camphor to create a deep chill that immediately brings the heat down. Then we add a dash of Cayenne and Tea Tree to address anything the mints missed and combine with a soothing aloe gel base. It’s amazing what the body can do to repair itself when it’s not distracted by pain and inflammation.

 What to Expect Suggested Routine
In most cases, there are two stages to the experience. The first stage is an arctic blast to immediately address acute issues. Typically, this occurs in seconds and can help prevent tension from building even further. The second stage is a gradual unwinding, which users often describe as a post-massage calm. Together with active rest techniques, Instant Relief Cream is a crucial tool in your body wellness kit. Instant Relief Cream is designed to be used morning, day, or night for spot treatment as needed. That said, application prior to hard exercise can both enable harder intensity workouts and faster recovery. The idea is to apply it where you know you’ll need it most.


To maximize impact of CBD, we recommend taking an inside and out approach. This means delivering CBD both internally, through consumables, and externally, through topicals. Pairing Daytime Sublingual Drops with Instant Relief Cream is the perfect way to fully immerse your mind and body in the healing potential of CBD.

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At Polar Gold Extracts, we center every decision around elevating the promise of Hemp. We believe benign stewardship of land and water provides the necessary foundation for the Hemp plant to produce the amazing diversity of bio-active compounds that have helped people all over the planet for countless generations. Utmost care is taken to preserve the delicate profile through advanced cryogenic extraction and a strict adherence to small batch sizes. Our goal is to simply share the possibility of Hemp with the world, and allow everyone a chance to celebrate Nature’s most powerful flower in its most vibrant form.

    All products are federally legal and contain less than 0.3% THC.