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CryoCBD Patches (2-Pack) | 100mg CBDa

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Who It’s For

  • Those looking for a simple CBD solution that doesn’t require frequent applications
  • Those interested in supporting long-term recovery
  • Those needing a stronger solution for chronic conditions but cannot ingest CBD

Full Spectrum Topicals can feel like magic – just rub it in and the sores seem to float away – but then the spell breaks an hour later as it wears off. What if you could get the same relief, but for days?  

Our CryoCBD Transdermal Patch trickle-doses Full Spectrum CBD through the skin for up to 4 days, giving you a real break from your discomfort. Perfect for chronic and periodic pain.

We produce our patches by hand in small batches to ensure the delicate terpenes naturally present in the CryoCBD are retained. These terpenes not only assist in directly addressing inflammation, but also function as skin penetration enhancers – bringing relief to where you can actually feel it.

 What to Expect Suggested Routine
It usually takes about 20 minutes to notice an impact, which feels like a sense of lightness and calm around the patch. A gentle cooling effect helps soothe inflamed muscles and skin. After about 4 hours, the sense of calm will spread through the body and will last up to 96 hours (4 days). For moderate to severe conditions, apply both patches close to each other at site of discomfort. Remember to avoid areas that bend as the patch may fall off. Don’t worry if the patch is not directly over the affected site, nearby is fine. When applied prior to strain, the area around the patch can feel cooler to touch than surrounding skin. For best results, practice stretching and breathing exercises with the patch(es) on.


To maximize impact of CBD, we recommend taking an inside and out approach. This means delivering CBD both internally, through consumables, and externally, through topicals. Pairing Daytime Sublingual Drops with the patches is the perfect way to fully immerse your mind and body in the healing potential of CBD.

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    At Polar Gold Extracts, we center every decision around elevating the promise of Hemp. We believe benign stewardship of land and water provides the necessary foundation for the Hemp plant to produce the amazing diversity of bio-active compounds that have helped people all over the planet for countless generations. Utmost care is taken to preserve the delicate profile through advanced cryogenic extraction and a strict adherence to small batch sizes. Our goal is to simply share the possibility of Hemp with the world, and allow everyone a chance to celebrate Nature’s most powerful flower in its most vibrant form.

    All products are federally legal and contain less than 0.3% THC.